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I’m so happy with the way the party turned out, and EVERYONE was talking about the awesome DJ and his lady in their urban camo! I really wish I could have stayed longer to see your laser and light show, but I’m still very very pleased with everything that you did to entertain everyone. Thank you so much.



WE all had so much fun………I am getting so many calls, facebook messages etc that the girls had a BALL
Thank you so much.

I am so tired and I didn’t do any of the work. lol


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  1. Nicholas Ray says:

    For the past three years, David has been our DJ for our night run, Glow XC. Each time he has outdone himself and put together an astonishing show of music, lights, and entertainment. Our participants simply adore what he does!

    David truly cares about the quality of our event, and it shows. He is extremely professional and will go out of his way to make your event the very best that it can be. This year we had a dance group perform at our event. Even though he was not required or asked, David took time out of his day to watch a rehearsal of this group to ensure that he was prepared with the right equipment and logistical setup. It’s this kind of meticulousness, that you need in a DJ. I can wholeheartedly assure you that if you want your event to shine, you need to hire DJ Lazer Dave right now! He will WOW you!

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