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A little history on DJ Lazer Dave…  All of my life, back as far as my memory can recall my family has been very musical, and active in entertaining others both privately and publicly.   Entertaining is in my blood…

By profession, I am an electronics engineer; but at heart, I’m an entertainer.     Missing the fun of my youth – I got into Laser Tag and started up the company 1 Source Laser Tag with my wife (thus the label  “Lazer Dave” ).    We have been providing affordable Laser Tag gear and event hosting since 2004.   Wanting to expand our Laser Tag hosting service, we purchased a professional sound system.

I started having more fun running the music, then I did the Lazer Tag Arena, and hired others to run the arena so I could just have fun with the music.   At a large Laser Tag event, one of our patrons came up to the booth and wanted to know if he could just hire me as just a DJ, stating that they were impressed with the music presentation that I was giving…and thus  DJ Lazer Dave was born…

I quickly realized that I enjoyed DJing to the point that the Lazer Tag went to the side and DJing and eventually helping throw awesome parties became my true passion.

Having experienced some of the awesome DJ’s in the 80’s in the DFW and Denver area, as well as being musically and entertainment inclined, – I wasn’t satisfied with just playing music.     My previous inspirations drove me to take things to a higher level and I started looking into how to be a better DJ, to give my performances a more professional feel in both our music mixes and our light shows.

Since that time we have expanded our sound,  lighting , FX Effects, Decorations and other equipment, as well as our music library.    I started seriously studying and practicing the art of being a  DJ.   I’ve now taken and continue to take multiple classes, courses, not on just DJing, but on entertaining for many different types of events and cultures.   Over the past 5 years we have successfully had the honor and pleasure of helping well over 60 couples/clients with their weddings & other events, provided sound and lighting several large scale events such as Charity Balls, Ballroom Masquerades, Nite Time Marathons, Rallies, Zumba Dance Master Classes, Children’s Balls, Halloween Dances, and High School Proms with over 250 participants.

We have also gotten involved with the local club and underground party music scene.    We have sponsored multiple Electronic Dance Music(EDM) Events were we worked with multiple DJs and other production companies to provide unique memorable events.    We have helped provide other local production companies and venues with lighting and decorations for their events.   This has allowed us to become very connected with the local community of entertainers so that we can provide our customers with multiple options, even in areas where we are not the local experts…

More recently we have started teaching line dancing lessons out at the River Road Recreational Center to provide our clients and their VIPS a place to learn popular dances to take their events to the next level.

All this experience has made me realize that with today’s technologies, and available tools, most people could be a DJ and not do too bad of a job at it.    Just playing music no longer is enough for today’s DJ service.   So, we have trained and studied into becoming experts at party planning and decorating on top of the DJing and MC skills.    At an event, we don’t hide behind the DJ console…we like to get out in the crowd, interact, and ensure everyone is having a good time.     This requires staying on top of the latest trends and styles, while staying connected with all the tried and true tracks, dances, and cultural traditions.    I do my best to provide this to our customers.


Cathie!  – AkA – the Gadget Girl

Besides being Dave’s wife, Cathie has worked for years as an Activities Coordinator, and has studied in special event decor, catering, and management.     She too brings her knowledge, experience, skills and sparkling personality as Dave’s business partner to our customers needs.

Having worked at multiple events with Dave where the customers could not afford a professional photographer, Cathie decided to get back to one of her earlier passions – photography.

Cathie has taken multiple classes and has volunteered to take photos at most of the events we do as a free bonus, Cathie is well on her way to becoming a professional photographer on top of all the other wonderful skills she provides.     At this point we are still offering her photography services as a bonus to hiring us.

All of this Cathie and I  bring to our customers….

  • Years of involvement in entertaining
  • Years of experience in Speech, Music, & Audio
  •  DJ experience backed by a dedicated study and practice to the art.
  • Knowledge and experience in Audio Sound Setup.
  • Experience in both Theater and DJ Lighting Setup.
  • Technical Knowledge in Lighting Electrical Requirements
  • Experience in Event Lighting, Decoration, and Production
  • Experience at Event Planning and Coordinating
  • Experience in event Decoration and Setup
  • All professional Gear and Equipment
  • …and now Photography services as well

We are honest that we are both still relatively new to the DJing scene with only several years of actual experience under our belts as a “DJ/MC” service compared to some companies that have been DJing for 10, 15, 20+ years.   However, so far most of our customers have been more than happy with our service and given us rave reviews.

Due to our still being relatively new, we are offering our services at very reasonable prices.    We are no longer cheap; but are very reasonable.    At this point we are still more about gaining experience, having fun, and being involved with the community then we are about making a profit.    Over time our prices will go up – so take advantage while you can!










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