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A simple setup we used for a small Valentine’s Dance.   This is only about 1/3 of the lighting equipment we have available!

DJ Lazer Dave…What you get:

With DJ Dave, you get over 4000watts of sound, over 80 Gig of music files (all of our music has been paid for – no pirating), Lasers, Lights, and DJ Lazer Dave.    The lighting comes with the package; however, the lights used will depend on your event, and how much time we have to set up.   The lighting shown in the picture was for a Valentine’s Sweetheart dance, thus the pink/red lighting theme.   The DJ package does not include special event lighting – although sometimes Dave reserves the right to throw it in for free if there is enough time to setup.


Shown here is a larger setup that we used at the U of O EMU Ballroom for the Oregon Ballroom Dance Club’s 2012 Masquerade.

Cost:   Our rates are anywhere from $50-$200 for the first hour depending on what you want.   After that is $10-$100 per hour depending on what you want us to do, and how many employees we have to have to pull it off.



Setup and  tear down time is free.   If you are more than a 30 minute drive away, then there is a reasonable gas surcharge, depending on the cost of gas at the time, that will be agreed upon before the event date.    Please note that consultation visits are free.

Charities & Youth Groups:    Since we are relatively new – we are willing to do many charity and youth group events for next to – if not nothing – depending on the event!    In many cases we will set up for free and  put out a tip jar for pay.

Just contact us, or make a reservation to get a price quote.

3 Responses to DJ Service

  1. DJ Dave says:

    Hello Margie, we stopped doing karaoke a few years ago…just can’t handle people singing badly… If you are looking for that kind of entertainment, I would recommend contacting DJ Sassy Patty…

  2. Margie says:

    Hi DJ Dave,
    My name is Margie and I am the one who was asking the quote for the Camp out in Roseburg at Whisler Bend Campground. My question for you is do you have the capability to have karaoke?

  3. DJ Dave says:

    ATTENTION!: As part of our March Madness, all reservations made before the end of March are only $50 +10 per hour!

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