Special Event Lighting

Room before...

    Let Dave come in and look at your location and tell you what we can do to “enchant” your location.     You can either provide/rent the lighting yourself, or hire us to put the lighting in for you.   Consultations are free…    Lighting equipment rental pricing runs $2-$50 per light + $10 per hour installation time.

Special Event Lighting

Same room after adding our lights

As can be seen in the photo to the right, just a few lights can totally transform the most drab locations into one of fun and excitement.

  Package deals can be made after a consultation has been done.

Simple Dance Floor Setup

Of course if you hire us to DJ for you, we provide a package of lights for every event for free as part of our service.   If needed, and time permits, we can even provide the actual dance floor!

What we bring and set up is mainly dependent on how much time we have for setup and tear down, regardless of what you are paying for the service.

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  1. DJ Dave says:

    Limited Special Event Lighting available for >>>>FREE<<<<< for all reservations made during the March Madness Event!

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