Midnight Summer’s Dream – Yamhill Prom

4prom poster 2016_r

This event is over… the photos taken at the event can be found here: http://www.cathiepics.com/thumbnails.php?album=37


If you would like high resolution copies of the pictures,  please feel free to contact us using the comment form below.


7th May, 2016

Theme: Midnight Summer’s Dream

Please note, the location of the DJ during the event may make it difficult to put in requests.   To ensure the songs you want to hear will be played, please put in all your requests before the 5th of May.

To Request a Dance Song to be played on the evening of the Prom, please use our  request  Database:  PLEASE CLICK HERE

Please only request songs that are dance worthy, and appropriate for this event.    All songs requested will be reviewed by an adult review board before being allowed on the final play list.   Explicit, or inappropriate songs will be removed from the final play list for the evening.

If you have a song that is not available in our database, or you would like to contact the DJ for some other special request, please feel free to utilize the reply form below.

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