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Wedding Date:  Sunday, 9/8/2013

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Jenelle and David Schedule of Events

Sat, Sept 7th

6:00 Rehearsal   (location to be determined)

7:00 Rehearsal Dinner at McMenamins

Sun, Sept 8th

12:00 David and Cathie arrive to start setup

1:00 Bridal Party Starts showing up

(when is arrival of makeup crew – are there any decorations being put up…who and when are they arriving, when does the cake arrive, determine cake location with vendor)

3:30 Wrap up setup clear away boxes

3:50 Prelude Music Starts

4:00 Guests Arrive

4:20 Bridal party given 10minutes notice

4:25 Guests asked to be seated

4:27 Bridal Party lined up

4:30 Ceremony Begins

4:50 Bridal Party goes away for photos  everyone else brought in for food

Is food being served now…or just aps till the Bridal Party arrives at 5:30?  Is this buffet or or a served meal?

5:30 Bridal Party Grand Entrance

6:00 Toasts

6:30-7:00  First Dance & Continue

8:00 Cake Cutting

8:30 Flowers & Garter

10:00 Last Dance (if not sooner)


Todo List

–          Contact Venue Manager and see if okay to do a quick 30min rehearsal on Saturday – otherwise it will need to be done ubber early on Sunday

  • Anthony Parshall
  •  541-762-0325


–          Tables Reserved at McMenamins

  • North Bank Contact#:  (541) 343-5622
  • anyone doing toasts during rehearsal dinner – do they know?
  • Is someone taking pictures?

–          Determine Cake Location with Venue/Cake Cater

–          Determine and set Head table location…everyone on one side facing other tables, or around the table?

–          Get a Photographer (We can assist in this  – just give us a budget and we will ask around)

–          Dave to contact Videographer




–          Ceremonty Entrance

–          Front Standing

–          Speaker Location

–          Recession

–          Photos Location

–          Recital Entrance

–          Toasting

–          First Dance

–          Garter/Boquet

–          Exit



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