Andy and Kaitie’s Wedding

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Wedding Date: 19th JULY 2013







One Response to Andy and Kaitie’s Wedding

  1. Annette Kayser says:

    Hey Dave, LOVE the music search option. One of our family favorites, which I would love to have in the mix, is River of Dreams by Billy Joel. I thought it would be the perfect Father of the Bride/Bride song for Kaitie. When Kaitie and her brother Zach, were little, Ken and I would each grab a kid and dance away in the living room. They always loved it!! They’re a little bit bigger now, but it would be a bit of a surprise (Ken included) and would bring back a lot of great memories.

    The other song I didn’t see (not really mainstream) is Someday Soon by Francesca Battistelli. Perfect song for a wedding, I think.

    I know you are busy with other things right now so no need to respond. Just wanted to throw this out there while I had it on my mind.


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