This menu is the gateway to events that DJ Lazer Dave is involved in.      Events are organized in order that they are coming up.     Events that have happened go to the bottom of the list.

If your event/party/wedding is scheduled with us, a page will be posted under this menu within several days of the booking.

The page will have scheduling, equipment lists, and  song playlists.

  • Main Playlist – Songs that may be played at the event
  • Suggested Playlist – These are songs that either Dave, or a visitor has suggested for the event.
  • Final Playlist – If needed for things to be locked in (like in a wedding) – this playlist shows the approved songs that we will be playing from for an event.

Other notes on the bottom of the page are lists for us to keep track of what we will need for the event.

COMMENTS!  – Note that on the bottom of each page is a form for leaving comments and feedback.   Encourage your friends to make suggestions for your event – and comment after the event is over on how we did, what they liked and didn’t like, and what we can do to improve our service.

Note:   After an event is over, the event goes to the bottom of the list.    If we have picture libraries or any other information for the event, it will be posted on the page and left on for several months before we delete the page.



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