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Just a note to everyone… I’ve moved all our blogging and photos over to Facebook.

If you are looking for photos/video… or want to comment on our services…

Come visit us at:




I’m so happy with the way the party turned out, and EVERYONE was talking about the awesome DJ and his lady in their urban camo! I really wish I could have stayed longer to see your laser and light show, but I’m still very very pleased with everything that you did to entertain everyone. Thank you so much.



WE all had so much fun………I am getting so many calls, facebook messages etc that the girls had a BALL
Thank you so much.

I am so tired and I didn’t do any of the work. lol


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Attention anyone looking for a wedding venue!

Saw this on Craigslist, and thought I’d share it:

The Stewart Family Farm
Outdoor wedding and event center
(This) Friday, June 29 7:00-9:00 pm


Come celebrate with us!
23095 Powerline Rd, Harrisburg, OR 97446

Classic Traditions Catering, Sweet Waters at Valley River Inn, High Pass Winery,
Mud River Coffee and Espresso Bar, Sugarplum Bakery
Parties to Go, Classic Traditions Floral Design, Branches and Bloom, The Wedding Jeanni,
Unforgettable Service Event Planning, Aneesha Montez Photography, Anne Nunn Photography, DJ Stoltz Records,
Morningglory Gifts Party Favors, Egge Seed and Nursery

Drawing for Wedding Gift Basket at 8 pm.
Gift Basket includes certificates to use in planning your dream wedding,
total value over $1,000!

Marvin & Dana Kropf, Deb Kropf
The Stewart Family Farm
Outdoor wedding and event center
check us out on facebook!

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Getting Caught back up on things…

After burning the candle on both ends with a melt going on in the middle for the past several weeks, I’ve been taking it easy this week.      Rest done, I’m playing catch up.   I’ll soon be posting photos from a sweet 16 birthday party we performed at, as well as a few other pictures.      Tagfest was not a DJing gig, so there will be no pictures from that posted on this website – they will be available on soon.        For our fans with weddings up in August, you will be hearing from me allot -soon.     Now is the time to get everything organized so we are 101% ready by August.

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Graduation Season

We recently did our first graduation party gig and had a blast… unfortunately our night photos came out blurry – so all I have is some of the day shots.      We rocked, hopped, discoed, dubstepped, and even monster mashed till almost midnight.     It was a great time….would love to do more of these!

Our setup at a recent outdoor graduation party.

The setup!    We private home we played at had an awesome back yard with a nice view.   The 30’x30′ cover belonged to the property.   We set up a 12’x12′ white canopy at the edge for the DJ stand and ran lights along the poles of the 30’x30′ cover.    It was fun being able to put lights directly overhead instead of having to light from just our lighting stands.   Even with a slight breeze and a teasing of rain clouds – it turned out to be a beautiful day.   The music was loud and clear.    I really love our new Mackie Thumps!    There are more pictures on our facebook page:

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Moonlight 5 Run

Event is on Saturday June 2nd,   Registration closes Jun 1st!

Thousands of Luminarias will Glow

We stumbled across this event on Craigslist and I (Dave) thought it was such an awesome idea that I offered to volunteer our services for free.     So we will be out there Saturday night turning some tunes to entertain runners who finish the race early.

Moonlight Five combines a night race with a light show

Thousands of glowing LED-lit luminarias will illuminate sections of the five mile route. We’re taking the novelty of nighttime races to the next level and creating an ambiance that you’ve never seen before.

100% of the net proceeds will be used to fight stroke

Oregon ranks third in the nation in deaths from stroke. Something needs to be done about this which is why we are donating all of the net proceeds from this event to the Advanced Primary Stroke Center at Sacred Heart Medical Center.

So put your running shoes on and join us!

More info at:



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We just picked up a pair of  Mackie Thump 15A’s !   This gives us a midrange system that sounds clean and clear, but has a bass response you can feel in the air – thus the THUMP!      Just one more step to improve our ability to help our customers.

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Like us on Facebook!

If you’d like to know more about us, our gear, and our events, then LIKE us on facebook.

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Dance Around Town…

You know, just freestyle dancing is allot of fun…  however, for special events such as Weddings, it can make the evening more magical if you can throw in a structured dance here and there.      Words like Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and even Salsa, sometimes get the bad rap of being for elderly couples.     Think however how awesome it is to have a line dance like the Electric Slide, or the Macarena were everyone  (well almost everyone) is in sync…it looks awesome, and puts a buzz in the air.    Well doing other formatted dances can be just as fun.     I would highly recommend that everyone go out and learn a couple dances.    Luckily for us here in the Eugene area,  ballroom and Salsa dances are coming back in a big way, and there are VERY cheap classes almost daily at various institutions.   Even more lucky for us, an individual spends their free time to bring all the information together in one space on the meetup website…here is the link:

There are lessons from everything from Salsa & Chaca, to Waltz & Foxtrot,  to East Coast Swing – to West African Dance Class with Live Drummers even!

Especially if you are couple about to get married, you have that one slow dance coming up! Learn the Waltz, Rumba, or Foxtrot and WOW your friends and relatives…   better yet, have the whole wedding party learn the dance!     It will take your wedding reception to a whole new level, and possibly start a new hobby/passion that will help bind your marriage.

Just sayin….



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Looking for some fun!

Its been a couple weeks since I’ve last DJ’d and I’m getting cabin fever!    If anyone has a party they would like to have a DJ at that sounds like fun…I’ll come and set up and run a dance floor for free!!!     Well, I’ll put out my tip jar, and take pics with those willing to take a pic.     …and YES, I will even do this at a venue that I would normally charge for…   This is just for the first person (okay, maybe two) that contacts me (my wife will shoot me if I take on too many free gigs).    The event has to be fun, and come on…just 5 or 6 friends standing around listening to the music may be enjoyable…but that is not the kind of fun I’m looking for…


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Song Suggestions for your friend’s event…

To post a suggestion to the playing list for a friends event,   simply hover your mouse over EVENTS on the horizontal menu, and then scroll down and click on your friend’s page.   Use the comment box at the bottom of the page to leave a suggestion or reminder, or offer of help.      Please note ALL comments are moderated before they show on the page.   You will see what you post – but no one else will till we log in and approve the comment.    So commenting spam is a waste of time.    No one will read it – for the most part, not even us.

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