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There are a couple of ways to get in contact with us for an event:

Leave a comment:  You can leave a comment/reply on any of the pages on this website, this sends us an email to check the comments…which we attempt to check on a daily basis.

Note: Comments left will not be displayed on pages, but will be held for review.   We generally check for comments/replies   M-F in the evening.

Leave a message:  You can leave a message at 541-746-8923.    Please note that we do work during the day;  so, usually we do not get around to checking phone messages till late in the evening, returning calls on the following day.   Note: The phone will pick up with the line, “One Source Laser Tag” – you have the right number!

Send an Email: You can email us at  dave @ dj lazer dave . com (remove the spaces).

 PLEASE NOTE!:    If you give us the wrong email address or phone number…we cannot get ahold of you.    We are surprised how many people submit emails to us with bad email addresses or wrong phone numbers.




6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. DJ Dave says:

    Hey Phyllis, We do a very WIDE range of services when it comes to weddings. I believe almost all couples should have access to a DJ for their special day – so we do our best to accommodate each couples realistic budget.

    The lowest I can go for a simple backyard wedding is about $150 – and that is a VERY simple, small setup and I just play background music, and maybe a few special dance songs – other then that I’m there like a guest of the party to have fun DJing with the friends and family of the couple.

    Next is if the venue already has lights and sound and I’m just plugging in and not bringing any gear is a regular wedding service with a few hours of helping with planning – that runs around $250.

    However, most weddings require us bringing a decent amount of equipment, and require of me 3-10 hours of prep work before the day of the wedding. The majority of weddings we do our charge is between $450-$800 for our services. For those couples that want to go all out, renting things like our dance floor, lighted columns, pipe n drape with uplighting, custom monogram gobo lighted on the dance floor or a wall, first dance on a cloud, customized anouncements with music support, etc – can be as high as $2000.00. Every couple is different and have different wants, needs, and available budget. So I can’t really give a quote till I’ve had a chance and sit down with the couple and discuss what we can do for them.

    I’ll try and contact you via email and set up a date to sit down with the couple.

  2. Phyllis lehman says:

    Hey Dave…We are looking for a DJ for my son’s wedding. Always enjoyed your services at Monkey Bugs events, so want to inquire about pricing..

  3. DJ Dave says:

    Hello Becky,

    Our mailing address is:

    Lazer Dave Entertainment
    6567 E Street
    Springfield, OR, 97478

    As to the thumb drive, you should have received it…. if you have not, then it most likely fell through the cracks in all the craziness of our Daughter and her family moving out of our house. I’ll ask Cathie about it tonight. Just to be sure, please email me your mailing address to : Hope all is going well with the two of you!….er make that 3…have to remember Pounce!


  4. Becky Klein says:

    hey, what is your mailing address? I have a thank you card for you but no where to send it! Also I was wondering if any of the wedding photos are on a thumb drive and if I need to mail you money for them?

    – Pounce, Becky and Damon

  5. DJ Dave says:

    Hello Wendy, Thanks! We appreciate the feedback. Hopefully we can do it again in the future.

  6. Wendy Gordy says:

    Hi Dave, I just wanted to thank you for giving the kids an awesome dance at Hamlin Middle School on Friday night. Your light show was fantastic and I loved that you were great about taking requests and making it fun for the kids. We at the Hamlin PTSO appreciate it!

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